Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yusef Lateef, Jimmy Knepper, Max Roach- Pt. 1 of 4 "Tracks in the Sand" Soundtrack -VERY RARE-

Yusef Lateef, Jimmy Knepper, Max Roach- Pt. 1 of 4 Tracks in the Sand Soundtrack -VERY RARE-

Very little information is available for this rare soundtrack recording for a movie that no longer exists.The lineup is as follows: Yusef Lateef-tenor sax, flute, oboe Jimmy Knepper-trombone Richie Williams-trumpet Tommy Flanagan-piano Max Roach-drums Seiji Ozawa-orchestral direction Recorded at RKO Pathe Studios (New York), March 1962 The tracks are: #1-A Priest's Garden (1:49) #2-Pheonix Flight #1 (2:02) #3-Cha Cha (1:00) #4-Running in Rhythm-Take 1 (4:42) I obtained some info from a message board, I cannot confirm the accuracy of the poster anwering the question, but seems as if he knows his stuff. If you have some information, please contact me. This was credited to a composer named Charles Mills but may very well be Mingus. Here is the Q&A: Q: Came across this long OOP cd in the used bins a couple of weeks back and I can't find any information about it other than what appears in the scant liner notes. It's a soundtrack for a very obscure independent film from 1962 calle! d TRACKS IN THE SAND. The musicians are Yusef Lateef, Jimmy Knepper, Richard Williams, Tommy Flanagan, and Max Roach. Most of the cues are very short (some of them 15 seconds), but there a few lengthier cues where the players get to stretch out a little. All in all not uninteresting music. Problem is I can find NOTHING about this movie or the recording session (and I have quite a few film reference books at my disposal). Most frustrating is that the liners contains the intriguing line: "send $12.95 for ...